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We are Inception

The company INCEPTION realizes services and implementation of its products with the task of introducing new standards of office and archive business in the Republic of Serbia.

Product innovation - software applications combined with office and archive services have led to the formation of scalable solutions. The solutions are fully customizable and can be applied to companies of different sizes (small, medium and large legal entities) and different businesses. More...

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Manually arranging of documentation

Manually arranging documentation represents the first step in standardizing and modernizing the documentation business. The actual process of documentation handling is carried out up to the level of the archive unit (registry, bundle, folder, file, physical box…). Arranging involves verifying the internal contents of the archive unit.

Consulting Services

Consulting services involve engaging Inception's experts for a specific activity. Consulting services may include insight into the concrete condition and proposed measures for the abolition or the introduction of some basic records and help with drafting normative acts.

Making a Situational Analysis

By making a situational analysis, the complete, previously organized, normative, basic records, archival material and registry material are considered. The analysis also contains suggestions for introducing measures for better implementation of procedures and activities of the entire office and archive operations.

Education - Office and Archive Business Lectures

By organizing lectures, we point out to employees the importance of rules, basic records, procedures, marking, chronology and consistency in dealing with documentation.

We are making trainings on how to apply those rules in the conduct of daily business activities.

Arranging of Documentation
Consulting Services
Making a Situational Analysis
Education and learning
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