• Faster access to documents
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Protection against destruction and abuse
  • Reducing archive space

Archilleus - Digital Archive

Archilleus is an application solution designed to create and use an archive of electronic documents and files. The advantage of such electronic archiving is reflected in the possibilities for faster, simpler, more accurate and efficient storage, eventual processing and retrieval of the data contained in the system.

The architecture of the Archilleus system is such that it implements the following components:

  • Archilleus Server - server part of the application;
  • Archilleus Database Server - database;
  • Archillus FileSystem - file storage;
  • Archilleus Config Scan Manager - Web client scanning module;
  • Archilleus Web - Web Client.

In its primary purpose, the Archilleus application provides the user with conditions for storing documents and then searching and reviewing them.

The biggest advantage of this program is that the user does not have to create the existing documents in a special way, but it is enough to scan the document within the application itself. The scanned document remains in the application and is ready for proper use.

The structure of the Archilleus system is reflected in the initial definition of the basic document categories and associated system that describe how documents are organized in one organization. The structure of the Archilleus application defined in this way allows each user, with certain permission, to store the data appropriately and, also view them depending on the needs.

Documents that are uploaded to the Archilleus application can be scanned images, Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office files, and also certain video or audio files can be archived, as well as a variety of other formats.

The main advantages of introducing electronic data archiving are:

  • Faster access to documents;
  • Reduced operating costs;
  • Controlled access and full document control;
  • Protection against destruction and abuse;
  • Availability from any location via web access;
  • Reducing archive space.