• Creating, updating relevant data and printing convenient reports
  • Desktop or web application
  • Making business easier

Arhilibris - Electronic Archive Book

The Law on Cultural Property of the Republic of Serbia (Official Gazette of the RS No. 71/94) prescribes the obligation of all legal entities to keep and update the records on the registration material, documentation, which is in physical form in their premises and / or dedicated archives. The common and legally prescribed name for such records is the "Archive Book". Most organizations respond to this obligation by manually completing their own forms containing the required information.

The competent archives are responsible for monitoring compliance with the regulations on archival business in organizations and at the same time recommend the structure of categories and subcategories of registry material according to the activities the legal entity is engaged in (state administration, economy, banks).

The deficiency of keeping the archival book in paper (physical) form are most often reflected in the broken chronology of entry of registry material by years, which later complicates the process of extraction and creates difficulties for the competent historical archive entity.

All of these deficiencies have been solved in with the Arhilibris software application.

The essence of the Electronic Archive Book concept is to set up an application solution that would allow end users to create, update relevant data and print relevant reports regarding the content and structure of registry material.

Arhilibris is a desktop or web application designed for use on a Windows (XP or later) operating system that includes all the functionality necessary to keep an archive book.

The assumption is that Arhilibris end users are intermediate experienced computer users whose primary responsibility is to record and update the contents of an appropriate physical document archive.