E – Sumo

  • An application solution designed to mark documents
  • Work book and official seal
  • eSumo lets you search by : index data, keywords, comments and basic fields
  • Printing in the form of the Work book

E-sumo - Electronic Workbook

Workbook represents one of the basic records in the office business.

Workbook is a register of acts and documents that a legal entity records, sends or receives. All acts, adopted in a legal entity, received from third parties or sent to third parties, are recorded in Workbook. These records allow the review of acts, as well as the identification of basic information about them (information on the time of adoption, receipt or transmission; to whom they were sent or from whom they were received; the name of the act and more). Workbook is kept chronologically, by registering the first item of the year with ordinal number 1, and the last item in the calendar year concludes this record, which reopens next year with ordinal number 1.

For the purposes of determining the exact time of entry into the Workbook koristi se register stamp (seal) is used which has date of delivery receipt or dispatch of the document is imprinted. Although for companies the obligation to use this stamp is not explicitly prescribed by any regulation, in practice it is very often used to accurately record the time at which the document was entered in the Workbook.

For the purpose of orderly records, the legal entity shall, at the end of the year, conclude the Workbook with an official note written below the last number, stating how many cases were registered in that year. This note shall be authenticated by an official stamp and shall be signed and dated by the clerk, associate - archivist who is in charge of the Workbook.

The disadvantages of keeping a workbook in paper form are that there is no system for searching the documentation, then the code number is a chronological information that does not indicate the location of the document from its structure.

It is often the case that the chronology is distorted, and therefore the workbook cannot be accepted by the competent supervisor.

Electronic Administrator - E-sumo is an application solution designed for registration of the documents and use them in electronic form.

Registration of documents, objects or acts is done automatically, so that each chronological following document automatically receives the next ordinal number.

The user enters the basic fields of the workbook when selecting a document, but also selects a subcategory to which the document belongs. It means that the categorization of documentation is done at the entrance of the documentation into the institution (company).

If the documentation is well categorized at the very beginning of the document life cycle, the following functions throughout the document through the business process are very easy to implement, improve and automate.

The real advantage of an electronic manager is when the user finds himself or herself in the situation of having to search among several hundred or even thousands of documents. In defining search parameters, the user enters a record, an entire index, or conducts a cross-search, the result of locating and viewing the requested document / object within a time interval of a few seconds.

eSumo allows you to search by: index data, keywords, comments and basic fields (cross-search).

eSumo can be printed at any time in the form of a workbook. The recommendation to our clients is to print a workbook from the software application at the beginning of the year and put it in the book and archive it.

With the new Law on Business Companies "Official Gazette of RS", no. 44/2018, which started on 9 June 2018, Item 4. Company Headquarters and Mail recipients, Email Receipt Address, Article 21, reads “The Company is obliged to have an email receipt address, which is registered in accordance with the law on registration "

Within the "ARCHILLEUS" system, the eSumo electronic module, the processing covers the complete documentation. Documentation that arrives by mail physically at all sites that have an ARCHILLEUS system installed, as well as documentation that arrives electronically at the official mail address is treated in the same way in basic or abbreviated records. Office employees or authorized persons have the possibility to record in the basic or auxiliary records of the office business any document that has arrived at the official Email address of the legal entity.