Documentation proccesing



  • New technological solutions for digitalization of documentation have certainly simplified the manipulation of electronic documents. Scan represents the conversion of physical / paper form to digital.
  • The scanning is performed by professional document scanners that can process up to 150 documents per minute, depending on the characteristics of the scanner model.


  • Microfilming is the safest and only legally recognized archiving process bisedes archiving paper documents.
  • Microfilming of documents saves space that would otherwise be occupied by paper documents.
  • Microfilm has the same legal significance as a paper document, so the registry material can be destroyed after the microfilming process.
  • The durability of microfilm rolls is up to 400 years.

Documentation indexing:

  • The previously implemented way of archiving documentation and doing business with it should be translated into electronic documentation procedures in order to modernize the office business.
  • Indexing is a character entry that will represent parameters for searching  or reporting at a later stage.
  • Database indexing can be done during scanning or in the background . Document indexing can be done manually - by entering data or automatically - by applying OCR and ICR technology (automatic indexing), which significantly speeds up and simplifies the process and further ensures the accuracy of the data.