Education and Lectures about Document Management

Education and Lectures

It is often the case that employees of organizations, institutions, didn’t have touch points with the basics of office and archive business. Therefore, the business obligations and activities they carry out won’t be in accordance with the rules and the Law.

Every legal entity, institution and association, organization, state authority and local government unit produces a huge amount of documents during its existence. Contracts, invoices, decisions, orders, records, declarations, solutions, proceedings and other notes and documents are documentation that must be marked and kept in a tidy state, until the point it is destroyed or archived.

Destroying or archiving documentation, as the last stage in the “life” of each document, is a painstaking job for anyone who has not managed their documentation adequately since its inception.

That is why the lectures are dedicated to inform business entities about the obligations imposed on them by the regulations regarding the management of documentation and services provided by specialized companies in the field of arranging, recording, extracting, destroying and archiving documentation.

By organizing lectures, we point out to employees the importance of rules, basic records, procedures, marking, chronology and consistency in dealing with documentation. We are making training on how to apply those rules in the conduct of daily business activities.

Lectures include the education of groups of 5-10 people, for 3 working days, 4-6 hours each.

The lectures are delivered by an expert team of Inception led by archival advisors (the highest rank in archivist).