Legal act about office and archival operations

Office and archival operations include: receiving, reviewing, recording and scheduling acts / cases into work, administrative and technical processing of cases, post office separation, development of cases and acts, classification and archiving, placement, preservation and maintenance, records in the archive book, selection and the extraction of worthless registration material as well as the delivering of an archival material to  responsible archive.

Article 38 of the Law on Cultural Property prescribes an obligation for all authorities, institutions, organizations, as well as all other legal entities, to adopt, with the consent of a responsible archive, a general act relating to the method of recording, keeping and archiving the documentation that arises in their work. Legal act on office and archival operations is the basis for the functioning and flow of documents.

The office business has the task of ensuring the proper movement and recording of acts and other written compositions and files from the moment they are received until the completion of proceedings with them.

Preparation of a new proposal for additional or amendment of the existing Rule book on office and archival operations will be realized on the basis of a thoroughly recorded status of office and archival business in your company, taking into account the specifics of the business and the requirements / needs for different basic and other records for seduction of acts / cases and proposal use of the same.

An integral part of the Legal act on office and archival operations is also the List of categories of registry material with retention periods.